Monthly Archives: May 2013

Hot Tips On Writing A Resume!

Landing the perfect job continues to be an uphill task. The employment market has proved to be one of the most competitive markets in the world.  The high level of competition calls for job seekers to find ways to highlight their qualities, so they can stand out from the crowd, and land a good job.  … Continue reading

Is Western Australia The Place To Study Engineering?

The extraction of minerals has been the driving force behind Australia’s economy throughout the nation’s history, and it’s the state of Western Australia that contributes 58% of Australia’s mineral and energy exports. One could say that Western Australia is a hub of mining activity, and mining in turn contributes to construction and manufacturing. All of … Continue reading

Spectacular Feats of Modern Engineering

Engineering has been around for centuries but it’s only the latter half of the 20th century that technology has rapidly progressed, which has allowed mankind to build structures of unparalleled craft and engineering prowess. Exploring the most spectacular engineering projects of our time teaches us the sacrifice and hard work these symbols of determination and … Continue reading