Generator Accessories Can Enhance Performance

Generator accessories are offered online at affordable prices. A backup power unit is an essential necessity for homes located in areas that are frequented by storms. One can buy the modern units for the whole house after some research. Brands such as Generac, Kohler, Briggs & Stratton, and Yamaha are very popular. When you buy a unit, you will also need accessories. These can add more functionality to the unit. Many models of Generac do not come with an automatic transfer switch and this brings down the price of the generator. If you need an ATS you can buy one online. The states of North Carolina and South Carolina have recently taken a beating from Hurricane Florence. The storm went through several cycles of strengthening and weakening before it crushed across the Atlantic Ocean toward its ultimate landfall. Thousands of windows were blown out by Hurricane Florence and 32 people were killed by the storm that flooded a large area. The city of Wilmington was totally cut off and not anyone could travel the roads due to heavy flooding. Fallen trees blocked the paths which made rescue very difficult. A lady who suffered from a heart attack could not be airlifted in time, so she died due to lack of medical attention. Over 2,600 rescues took place over a few days after the storm passed. The predictions about the hurricane were very accurate. On September 14, the winds of Hurricane Florence peaked at 90 mph when it made landfall near Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina. It moved slowly at 2 to 3 miles per hour which allowed it to unload an extraordinary amount of rain.  The slow movement also allowed for a high surge of 11 feet up the Cape Fear River and into downtown Wilmington. A man died when he went out to check on his generator as the generator fuel ran out. If he was using a natural gas generator, there would have been no issues with the fuel level. You can run such units for days at no end.  If you want to stay at home during a storm, make sure you have a natural gas generator, so you do not have to step out at all. Before the hurricane season, it is good to exercise the unit and buy the accessories you need to get the optimal performance. Here are 9 types of generator accessories that you need to know about:

1. Transfer

There are two types of transfer switches, one is manual and the other is automatic. The trend is now moving from manual to automatic as more users like the ease and convenience of using the automatic transfer switches. All stationery generators are supposed to have a transfer switch and if you bought a generator that did not have one, you can always buy one online. You can also add an ATS to your portable generator if you use it for your house. A weather resistant housing is necessary for the ATS that is to be used outdoors.

2. Remote Control

If your generator does not have the automatic transfer switch get the remote start for it. This way you do not have to turn it on manually. The new wireless remote start systems offer more convenience.

3. Power Cord

Using the right power cord can improve the performance of your unit. If your power cord is old get a new one before the storm comes to your area. The higher amp electric cords are able to deliver more power smoothly. One needs to check the amp specs on their generator outlet and then order the exact match online. Ensure you get the cord in the length you want and that the connections of the cord match the outlet.

4. Muffler

Generators have a combustion engine and can be noisy. They have a muffler for noise reduction and for exhaustion of fumes that are a result of combustion. If you have a unit that makes undesirable noise, choosing a new muffler can solve the problem. Many factory fitted mufflers may not be effective and you can always find a better quality muffler to suit your needs. A muffler can be modified to fit your unit easily.

5. Battery Charger

If you have a portable generator, buying a battery charger is advisable. This way you will never have a dead battery and if you find others who have a dead battery you can help them out. It will let you charge batteries for cars, boats, and trucks. Get the battery charger that is able to produce more volts fast.

6. Weather Kit

If you live in a cold climate you will need a weather kit for your generator. The cold weather kits are made for home backup generators installed in regions where the temperature regularly falls below 32° F. These come with a battery warmer and an oil heater. The battery warmer is placed under the battery of the generator and turns on at 40° F so it can warm up the battery to prevent it from a freeze. The oil heater on the other hand keeps the oil in a liquid state when the temperatures fall. Thick oil is not able to do the lubricating job well and heating thins it.

6. Maintenance Kit

If you want the best performance from your generator you will need a maintenance kit. Every make and model differ one from another and has its own kit. It helps to keep the moving parts running well. Each kit has oil, spark plugs, and air filters. The clean oil replaces the used oil.  Just like in any other engine, new spark plugs improve performance, hence worn out spark plugs of the generator need replacement on and off. Air filter gets old and dirty and this affects the performance of the generator. Changing the air filters improves airflow which enhances performance. Maintenance kits increase the life of your unit.

7. Wheel Kit

If you have a portable generator you can add 2 or 4 wheels and a handle to it. This makes it easier to move it around. The wheel kit needs to fit the unit tightly. These have wheels that never go flat.

9. Cover

Those who own a portable unit need to get a cover for their unit. The cover protects the generator from the elements of nature. This will keep the unit dry, dust free and rust free.

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