How To Maintain A Mechanical Watch

Hey! guys. Yesterday I have told you some methods for Quartz Watch Maintenance. Have you tried them? Well, today I will continue my topic, share my experience on how to maintain your mechanical watches.

Here we go!

  1. Use soft cloth or silk wipe those dirt and sweat on watch case away frequently.
  2. Wind your watch regularly and try your best to keep it fully wound.
  3. When adjust time, pull crown out a little, then wind it, neither clockwise or counter-clockwise is OK. But for calendar and aviation watches, watch hands should not be pulled back.
  4. Do not let your watch suddenly get too cold or hot. Violent change of temperature will make it out of order. Due to the violeant change of temperature, those springs in mechanical watch are so easy to break.
  5. Avoid severly shaking.
  6. Mechanical watch get magnetized will affect its work accuracy, so you should keep it away from place with strong magnetic field and irradiation.
  7. Do not put mechanical watch with face powder or other cosmetics in a same drawer or case. Because powder may sneak into watch through invisible gaps and affect inside engine oil, eventually influence its running. Above all, do remember not to put mechanical watch in wardrobe has camphor in, because camphor will permeate into watch after gasification, solidify engine oil, make it lose its effect of antirust and lubrication, components will get rust, wear and tear easily, results in can’t keep time accurately and shortening its sevrice life.
  8. Check your watch regularly and open it to oil. Generally speaking, a mechanical watch should be open and cleaned once every three years. For those less leakproof watches, clean period should be shortened.
  9. When mechanical watch can’t keep time accurately, send it to professional repair shop, let them take it. Because in this condition, adjust time through crown won’t work, watch needs clean and oil.
  10. If you plan to store your mechanical watch long. Besides should clean it carefully before storage, you should wind it once or twice per month, make watch in good work condition.

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