Mechanical Seal

Mechanical sealed thought

Often known as mechanical seal (mechanical seal) is means least 1 pairs perpendicular rotating axis end face in fluid stress and compensation institutions elastic (or magnetic) perform beneath and auxiliary sealed tie to handle paste merger relative sliding consisting forestall fluid leak items.

Elastic loading mechanism and the secondary seal is a metallic bellows mechanical seal which we identify metallic bellows seal.

In delicate seal there use rubber Bellows make auxiliary sealed, rubber bellows elastic restricted normally need supplemented spring to fulfill load elastic.

Mechanical sealed composition

Primarily following four courses parts.

  • Main components: Train ring and static ring.
  • Auxiliary seals: seals (there O fashioned, X fashioned, U kind, wedge, rectangular versatile graphite, PTFE coated rubber O ring and so forth.).
  • Elastic compensation institutions: spring, push ring.
  • Transmission gadgets: shells Kei Block and key or diversified screw.

Mechanical seal is type of light packing seal


  • cope Canton mechanical seal can used Chilly, heat, vacuum, extreme stress, utterly completely different tempo and diversified corrosive medium and containing abrasive medium and so forth. sealing.
  • Friction vitality consumption small mechanical seal friction vitality solely light packing seal 10% ~ 50%;
  • Sealed reliable prolonged cycle operations, sealing state very safe leakage small, press powerful statistics, its leakage widespread solely light filler sealed 1 / 100;
  • Prolonged life in oil, water class medium widespread attain 1 ~ 2 years or further, in chemical medium typically can better than six months;

* Shaft or bushings are principally free from placed on;

  • Repairs cycle prolonged end face worn mechanically compensation widespread, with out recurrent repairs;
  • Vibration good on rotating axis vibration, partial pendulum and axis on sealed cavity skew insensitive;

* Regarding the current number of factories “zero leakage” needs, packing not meet this requirement; not adapt to quite a lot of arbitrary bigger, nevertheless in factories, sometimes altering or repairs will plant good loss.

The subsequent shortcomings:

  • Disposable extreme funding.
  • Building was sophisticated manufacturing processing demanding;
  • Occurs contingency accident, coping with tougher;
  • Arrange and substitute troublesome and requested staff certain arrange technical diploma;

Mechanical seal suppliers

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