Don’t Send Your Resume To Anyone Else Until You Make These 5 Important Changes

If you’re struggling to find a job you have two options. You can give up and spend your life lying on the couch watching TV all day, or you can improve your resume until nobody can resist you. Life will be a lot easier if you choose the latter option, so we’re going to look at how it’s done. Here are some little changes you can make to your resume in order to impress more people. The one you’re using at the moment must not be good enough, so change it before you do anything else.

Don't Send Your Resume To Anyone Else Until You Make These 5 Important Changes

Make sure it’s relevant

I’m guessing you’ve already worked in a few different companies, so it’s likely you’ve picked up a lot of great skills. When you’re applying for a certain job it’s obvious some of those skills won’t apply. If you’ve worked in a pub you can maybe pour a mean jug of beer, but unless you’re applying for another pub job they probably won’t care. Make sure you only talk about the skills you’ve picked up along the way if they are relevant because you don’t want your resume to be a mile long.

People should be able to scan it

Sometimes making someone’s life easier is a simple way to get them on your side. If the person looking through hundreds of resumes is tired they will feel horrible if yours is nothing more than a giant chunk of text. If they can scan through your resume quickly they will love the fact you’ve made their life a little easier. Just make sure you set it up correctly so all the important details can be found easily when they’re scanning it.

Be honest with them

Be honest with them

A lot of people think they are perfect, or at least that is the impression you get when reading their resume. If you’re human it’s likely you’ve made mistakes in the past. Admitting mistakes means you’ve learned from them and that is very powerful. I don’t think you should start talking about everything you’ve messed up when writing your resume, but by speaking about learning something from a specific mistake it will make your resume stand out.

Don’t give random figures

Don't give random figures

If you managed to increase your company’s profits by 121% you should write that on your resume. If you use to sell 1200 fridges every month you should write that down too. Most people try to round things up or down, but when you do that it’s harder for someone to believe you. Some people don’t even mention any numbers or percentages, but instead they just say they helped to generate a lot of revenue. Be specific and you will impress the person reading your resume.

Your vision for the future

Nobody applies for a job thinking they’ll be doing the same thing for the next 20 years. A potential employer will want to know your goal is to grow within the company, so tell them where you see yourself in the future. It will show people you’re not just applying because you are desperate to put food on your table. People want to hire employees who plan on sticking around for the long-term.

Don’t rush things

Your resume is one of the most important things you will ever write. It can open so many doors, but at the same time it can slam a lot more in your face. Don’t rush things when you write your resume because you’re only harming your chances of landing a great job. Think very carefully about the things we’ve looked at today and see if you can use them to improve your resume before you attempt to send it to anyone else.

The author of this post, Kevin David, is an employee at Resume Service, which specializes in the domain of resume business in Australia. Whenever he isn’t busy, he enjoys travelling to different places with his family and friends. Click here for more information.