When Getting That Job Becomes Too Difficult: 4 Successful Tips To Win That Interview

The current unemployment rate can make it difficult to capture the attention of an employer, especially when they receive hundreds of resumes for each open position. However, there are several techniques that you can utilize to help you land an interview with your preferred company. In fact, taking the time to diversify your job search methods is one of the best ways to ensure that you will spend less time looking and more time working.

Tips for Getting an Interview with Your Dream Employer

1. Use Social Media to Follow the Company - Employers like to know that their potential employees have a real interest in their company. Therefore, it is always a good idea to follow the company’s social media pages so that you can stay up to date on their latest products or advancements. Having this knowledge at your fingertips will make it much easier to impress the employer during an interview, and you can also put this information to work when you build your cover letter.

Tips for Getting an Interview with Your Dream Employer

2. Traditional and Online Networking - Using your current network of professionals, friends and family members is a great way to find a connection to employees at your targeted company. After all, the odds are high that someone in your extended network will have at least an indirect affiliation with the company. If you do not have anyone that meets these criteria, you should consider expanding your network via LinkedIn to help you make the right connections. Once you have been given a personal or professional introduction to one of the company’s employees, you can utilize the new relationship to help you capture the attention of the HR department.

3. Work with a Life Coach - A life coach can help you prepare a viable plan that will make it easier to reach your professional and personal goals. The coach will also enable you to discover what your true strengths and weaknesses are, and this is a major component of landing the perfect job. After all, if you have a glaring weakness that shows up during the interview process, it is unlikely that you will get the job. Taking a proactive approach by hiring a life coach is the best way to learn how to overcome your weaknesses and play up your strengths. To find the perfect coach to help you in your specific field, you can use a free online matching service like the one offered on the Noomii life coach directory.

4. Keep an Eye on Promotional Stunts - If the company that you are interested in has a unique media stunt, you should definitely pay close attention. Discussing the stunt during an interview is a great way to show your level of interest in the company. Alternatively, you could develop a unique media stunt that is well-suited to the company and disclose your idea in your cover letter and during the interview. Outside the box thinking of this type is likely to capture the attention of the hiring manager.

The most important thing to remember about your job search is that the HR department sees an exorbitant amount of resumes every day. Therefore, it is important to do something that stands out, and you must make sure that you fully take advantage of every opportunity to capture their attention.

By Lisa ColemanLisa Coleman

Researcher Lisa Coleman understands and shares this advice for those who are experiencing difficulties with their job search. She knows from experience that working with a coach can help you with your job search and get you closer to your dream career. After researching the Noomii life coach directory and sifting through many available coaches she was able to find the best coach for her background, goals and budget to help assist her.